From the very first day of establishment, the strong relationship between ANSON and VESSEL has been going by hand in hand over these 20 years. VESSEL acquired ISO 9002 certificate as a pioneer manufacturer. All VESSEL products are precision engineering to various standards such as JIS and DIN requirements. This is a guarantee to all our customers."
Human beings have created "useful tools" and the tools have provided a substantial impetus to the progress of civilization. Tools which fit hands and to which people feel attached have enabled people to demonstrate their maximum ability. And today, people need a new function, "Ergonomical hand-fitting" for tools of daily use and enhancing productivity. "Every user can be professional."- VESSEL has comitted to produce the optimum tools for your hands from a human engineering point of view. Our technological expertise in human engineering is based on more than 80 years' tradition of innonvation as the most experienced manufacturer in Japan. Conveying "Professional sprit" to the users - this is our policy.