Torqueleader products are designed, manufactured and assembled in the UK using the latest technology and highly skilled staff. This enables us to maintain complete control of processes, ensuring that we deliver the highest quality tools with a long service life.

Users of Torqueleader products experience cost savings, through improved efficiency and process control. For example, Torqueleader slipping technology eliminates the operators’ influence over the tightening process, delivering consistency and accurate torque control.

Ongoing success has enabled us to embark on a significant investment in our facilities making sure we continue leading the world in Torque Tool technology.

Torque Screwdriver TT Dial Measuring Torque Wrench ADS Dial Measuring Torque Wrench BDS Dial Measuring
Torque Wrench CDS, DDS & EDS Dial Measuring Torque Screwdriver Quickset Adjustable Torque Screwdriver Ergo Quickset Adjustable