Our company provides customers with delivery, repair & maintenance and product enquiry services. 


Normal Delivery Schedule

  1. Ex-stock 2-3 days after received purchase order confirmation

  2. For those items without stock, it takes around 45 days delivery from Japan and 60 days from Germany to Hong Kong.

  3. Delivery Date is subject to our staff confirmation

Repair & Maintenance

We help our customers scrutinize our product.  It depends on the situation of problems. If necessary, we will send the product to our factories for repair and maintenance.

Product Enquiry and Technical Support

If you have any enquiry or technical problem about our product, please do not hesitate to contact us at telephone no. (852) 2889-0880 or fax no. (852) 2889-8990.  You can also email us for details. On the other hand, you can show us your sample or drawing and product specification  so that we can search for the same or similar item to you as soon as possible.