Quicher is easy to rearrange the production line to meet the change of screw diameter and form. Quicher also helps you to improve the quality control and productivity.
  • Applicable screw size: from M1.0 to M3.0
  • Scooping chamber capacity: 80cc
  • With protection and recovery circuit
  • Easily to exchange of NSR rail

One Quicher can cope with eight different sizes of screws
The NS series cope with eight dirrerent sizes of screws just by replacing the rail ( 8 sizes from M1.0 to M3.0)

Easy to replace rail
Quicher NSB series is easy to replace the rail to meet the change of screws.

Example of NSR and Robot
NSR Series
Screw Nominal Size M1.0 M1.2 M1.4 M1.7
Applicable Rail SRR10 SRR12 SRR14 SRR17


Screw Nominal Size M2.0 M2.3 M2.6 M3.0
Applicable Rail SRR20 SRR23 SRR26 SRR30



Model Name & Number
Weight (including rail)
Approx. 2.92 Kg
Approx. 3.01 Kg
Power Source
AC 100V. DC 12V 500mA. AC adapter
Protection & Recorvery Circuit
Motor overload stop. Protection circuit for reverse power connection
Applicable Screw
Form M1.0 to MN3.0 (Refer right table for applicable rails)

Applicable Screw Length
(under head)

Up to 20mm
Scooping Chamber Capacity
80 cc
Accessories (in package)

Instruction Manual
Allen Wrench (L shaped. 2mm)
AC adapter

Passage Window
(each of two types)

0.35mm Gauge Plate
(to adjust holding plate)

Instruction Manual
Allen Wrench (L shaped. 2mm)
 AC adapter

Passage Window (each of two types)

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