Quicher is easy to rearrange the production line to meet the change of screw diameter and form. Quicher also helps you to improve the quality control and productivity.
  • Applicable screw size from M1.0 to M3.9
  • Applicable screw length (under head): up to 20mm
  • Standard screwdriver bit can be used
  • Scooping chamber capacity: 80cc
  • With protection and recovery circult
  • Supplied with a bit guide

Other capabilities
Quicher NSB Series is compact and space saving. With installation of Nejikura, the large stock of screws can be loaded. It is equipped with an overload backstop protection circult.

Example of screws which can be supplied

One Quicher can cope with eight different sizes of screws
The NS series cope with eight dirrerent sizes of screws just by replacing the rail ( 8 sizes from M1.0 to M3.0)

Easy to replace rail
Quicher NSB series is easy to replace the rail to meet the change of screws.
The products shown above are only a small part of series,
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