With over 20 years Quality Assurance and R&D, Anson Pro-Power (Previous name : Pro-Power) has been widely accepted by the American and European Countries. In addition to the going concern about industrial safety and labor protection, Anson Pro-Power offers shockless, low noise and light-weighted electric screwdrivers to the market. Since 90s, Pro-Power's products have obtained the certificate of UL, CSA, CE safety standards. In the foreseenable future, Anson Pro-power will continue developing the market in other countries; hopefully, its screwdrivers can assist many production lines and maintenance centers to run more smoothly than expected.
USA Patent No. 4878404 4653359

Anson Pro-Power AQ-1012 is a special launched item to substitute for discontinued Panasonic NM-101 in electronic an toys industries.
Model AQ-1012
Power Source 30 VDC
Torque Range (kgf. cm) 0.3 - 2.0
Torque Setting Stepless
No load Speed (r.p.m.) 1000
Available Screw /
Machine Screw
1.0 - 2.2 mm /
0.04 - 0.09 in
Weight (g) 187
Length (mm) 158
Standard bit size
Available bit size

4.0 Round

Power Consumption About 30
Available Transformer (110V / 220V) Q22 / Q30
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