Model 18:
The most powerful small Combination Tool available. The Model 18 opens farther than any other small combination tool and offers "big" tool performance in a compact, lightweight package that is ideal for first responders, and to compliment heavy rescue tool sets.

Model 25:
The only mid size combination tool on the market. The Model 25 features full size tool spread and performance, plus an eight inch opening cutter. The PHOENIX Model 25 is the world's most versatile rescue tool.

Model 32:
The only full size Combination Tool on the market. The Model 32 is the widest opening, most powerful combination rescue tool available, providing the performance necessary for true heavy rescue capability.
Model Spreading Force (lbs) Opening Distance (cm) Cutting Force (Center) (lbs) Cutter Opening (cm) Dimensions (LxWxH) (cm) Weight (lbs)
Model 18 15,500 45.7 18,240 30.5 78x26x15 37.5
Model 25 18,000 63.5 45,000 20.3 85x30x22 45
Model 32 19,255 81.3 56,900 25.4 99x32x24 57
* Notch Cutting Force For Model 18 is: 66,000 lbs
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