Pfaff-silberblau – keeping rail travel safely on track.

ANSON and PFAFF has been a close partner for servicing Hong Kong and Macau Rail Industries since 2006.

Whether you're travelling above or below ground – our Rail Technology plays a vital “behind the scenes” role to ensure trains are running safely and efficiently.

Anyone who operates modern transport systems today depends heavily upon reliable maintenance and inspection of their fleet. Our equipment enables maintenance work to be organised and executed efficiently by minimizing downtime. The timely discovery of wear and eliminating potential hazards: this is fundamental to providing smooth-running, safe and efficient rolling-stock operations.

Our product range includes mobile lifting jacks, lifting platforms, as well as special customized equipment and complete under-floor lifting systems. To cover all maintenance and repair work on bogies, wheel sets and vehicle chassis, Pfaff-silberblau has the optimal solutions for within your depot workshop.

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