Air Ion Monitor MODEL NK-7001

The electrostatic tolerance of electronic devices is getting lower and lower, requiring more and more ionizers to be installed. Over time, ionizers come to have a lower static elimination performance and a poorer ion balance due to contamination or wear of the electrode needles. Electronic devices also become charged by the ions blowing from an ionizer unbalanced due to contamination or wear, sometimes even to a level that can destroy a cutting-edge electronic device.

The Air Ion Monitor, by accurately measuring the potential of a charged plate (detecting element) having approximately the same capacitance as a device's capacitance to ground, is the measuring device best suited for checking the effect of an installed ionizer or conducting everyday management.

- With a built-in power source, this model allows you to evaluate and manage ionizers at the push of a button.
- With a compact detecting probe separately provided, this model allows you to conduct measurements in confined areas and see the reading immediately, e.g., to evaluate an ionizer mounted in a manufacturing machine.
- This model is about the same size as the device and provides a means to evaluate capacitances.
- Being compact and hand-held, this model can conveniently be carried around shop-floor areas.
- With its high resolution of ±0.1 V, you can evaluate and manage ion balances.