Work Bench Monitor MODEL NK-5001

The basic countermeasure for ESD failures is to ground metallic objects such as work benches and production facilities. If grounding is insufficient, a metallic object will acquire a charge due to a potential difference between it and the floor, an electric leak, or contact with a charged object. An electronic device placed on such a metallic object acquires the same potential and, when tweezers or a soldering iron comes in contact with it, an ESD failure due to the Machine Model (MM) or Charged Device Model (CDM) occurs. The Work Bench Monitor is a measuring device with an exceedingly high impedance and is used to monitor the potential of a metallic body with an accuracy of ±0.1 V.

- With a potential detection sensitivity as high as ±0.1 V, this model is best suited for monitoring of potentials on a workbench or the surface of production facilities in the HDD GRM head or ultrafine VLSI assembly process.
- Being a probe type, this model can measure potentials in a confined area such as a production line.
- You can switch between peak hold and continuous measurement modes.
- AC power drive terminals, convenient for evaluation, tests, etc., are standard with this model (The adapter is optional).