Human Body Electrometer MODEL NK-3001

An electronic device or metallic tool has a capacitance to ground and is charged by the human body potential if it is touched by a person. If such a charged electronic device comes into contact with the ground or a charged metallic tool on an electronic device, a transient current with a brief but large peak current is passed and can cause it to fail. Using the Human Body Electrometer, you can accurately measure the potential of the human body and determine whether this potential is high enough to damage an electronic device. Additionally, you can determine how much the human body potential can be lowered by such antistatic measures as a conductive floor, conductive mat, conductive shoes, and wrist strap.

- This model can easily measure the potential of a human body when the person grips the probe in his hand.
- A high resolution of ±0.1 V is realized (NK-3001).
- A wide-range measurement is provided.
- You can switch between peak hold and continuous measurement modes.
- If used in combination with a recorder, this model can continuously record changes in the human body potential caused by a worker when he makes various motions.
- You can easily evaluate the antistatic measures taken by a worker for further training.