Digital Low-Voltage Static Meter MODEL KSD-0303

The electrostatic tolerance of electronic devices is getting lower and lower, consequently lowering the target voltage for static management. A charge of 100 V or less, which cannot be measured by a conventional model, can be accurately measured within one volt by this model. If the measurement area is limited, this model allows you to measure a charge in a small area such as the surface of an LSI package.

- A low potential static charge that may still cause electrostatic destruction can be measured.
- By reducing the measurement distance, you can narrow the measurement area down to about 20 mm square and accurately measure the surface potential of a small electronic device.
- This model, consisting of a display unit and a measuring unit provided separately, allows you to conduct measurements in a confined area and immediately see the readouts.
- This model allows you to measure the potential distribution on anything from a small electronic part to a wide object.
- You can switch between peak hold and continuous measurement modes.