ResQMe - The Original Keychain Car Escape Tool (Product of USA)

The resqme tool is an innovative product designed as a rescue tool during vehicle entrapment. Severe weather, a car crash, or electronic malfunction can cause you or your loved ones to get trapped inside your vehicle. The resqme can slice through jammed seat belts with its sharp steel blade and break side windows with its spring-loaded spike. The resqme is the must-have tool for every driver. It is lightweight, compact, and still powerful. You can carry it on your keys or attach it inside your car so it's always within reach "when seconds count…"

This tool is designed to do 2 things:

  • Shatter tempered glass-like glass found in side windows of most cars & trucks and rear windows of most cars
  • Cut seat belts

Place it where you'll find it after the car has had a severe impact or rollover.

Suggested places:

  • Ignition key ring
  • Attached to the gearshift with a hair tie.
  • Ashtray - depending on the design.
  • Turn signal or wiper levers with a hair tie. Radio, heater, wiper, and light knobs in older vehicles may work well too.
  • The glove box, an open tray, cup holder or door pocket are NOT good choices

How to use

  • Window punch
    • Press in corner or edge of window (the bottom corners work best), when you hear a click, the glass shatters in to small pebble size pieces.
    • Cautions:
      • Close eyes when pushing on the glass and if possible, place a object like a coat, blanket or sheet between you and the glass to deflect dust to pebble sized pieces of glass.
      • Use anything but bare hands to remove glass. If you can't or forget, adhesive tape applied to the injured area then pulled off works well to remove glass shards.
      • This will NOT work on laminated glass, like windshields or pick up truck rear windows or some high-end Mercedes Benz side windows.
      • If the windows are below water level expect an implosion, as water comes in to fill the air space when the glass is broken.
      • Breaking the glass in a vehicle caught in a high water with a "pillowing" wave on the upstream side glass (usually the wind shield), theoretically could cause the windshield to collapse.
  • Seatbelts
    • If the vehicle is upright, cut as close to the buckle as possible. (If you can reach the buckle release, use it.)
    • If the vehicle is on its side or roof, cut the belt at the shoulder anchor, holding on the belt to allow a controlled lower of the occupant.
    • The cutter is more effective when the belt is under tension than if it is lax.
    • Avoid using the cutter for routine cutting, to avoid dulling the blade.