Extremely sturdy and induction rechargeable work light with top flashlight - New improved model

Compared to the previous model with item no 03.5002 the new SUN is providing almost double amount of lighting!

The new SUN is with newest LED technology and indispensable for daily maintenance within the industry

The SUN work light is of very high quality and the shock proof construction is so strong, that is withstands being driven over by a vehicle.

The SUN is waterproof (IP68) and resistant to oil and chemicals and therefore ideal for daily maintenance in all kinds of production. The strong brightness and the illumination make the work light illuminate even the darkest corner and make the light indispensable for repair work in electric cabinets, pipe shafts, installation shafts etc.

Reliable, efficient induction technology eliminates charging problems caused by short circuits, oxidation, dirty contacts etc and avoids contact with live components.

Designed for efficient workshop use
Cordless - no cable to limit work efficiency
Adjustable and retractable suspension hook
Wall-mountable charging unit Inspection light and flashlight

Proven resistance (IP68)
Totally sealed water and oil proof casing
Robust rubber switch
Shock proof construction resists crushing by a light vehicle

Induction technology
Reliable, efficient induction charging technology
Eradicates charging problems caused by short circuit, oxidation, dirty contacts etc
No contact with live components

Technical Specification
Main Light: 6 x 0.5W High Power SMD LEDs
Spot Light: 1 x 1W LED
Main Light: 220 lumen / 350 lux @ 0.5m for up to 3 hours
Spot Light: 40 lumen / 1500 lux @ 0.5m for up to 8 hours
3.7V/2000 mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery
3-4 hours charging time
Induction charger: input 230V AC/50Hz
ø55mm x 280mm
Charge indication LED

A charging unit with car adapter, a universal magnetic holder as well as a flexible holder are available as supplementary accessories.

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