HSS saw blade, circular

For plastics, fibreglass, wood, putty, non-ferrous metal and sheet metal up to about 1 mm.
⌀63mm, ⌀80mm

HSS segment saw blade

For plastics, fibreglass, wood, putty, non-ferrous metal and sheet metal up to about 1 mm. Ideal for working in corners.

Depth stop ring

for saw blades ⌀ 63 and 80 mm without depressed centre

E-Cut standard saw blades

Length 50 mm
35mm, 65mm

Supersoft sanding sheets

Stone sanding sheets

Special for processing natural and artificial stone. In 8 steps for rough to finishing sanding.

Sanding sheets

Unperforated, with Velcro attachment. For universal application on nearly all surfaces.

Sanding pad set, unperforated

For sanding without extraction. 2-pack.

Supersoft sanding pad

For special applications such as aluminium rims and paint repair. Use only with "sanding sheets, supersoft", 2-pack.

Sanding pad set, flat

for very narrow openings (slats of window shutters etc.). Pack of 2

Sanding finger

For use in extremely tight and hidden spots, in channels, grooves, openings, folds and joints. Also for mould-making, in concave and convex forms. 2-pack. 7mm, 1mm, 2mm

Sanding sheets for sanding fingers

With Velcro rapid attachment, fully bonded with artificial resin, high sanding capacity, corundum. For use on: wood, metal, soldered joints, fibreglass, plastic, paint, filler, leather. Pack of 20

Carbide rasp, triangular

Carbide rasp, finger-shaped

For rough sanding of filler, tile adhesives, concrete, stone and wood. The finger shape, coated on both sides, is especially well suited for artistic work.

Fixed Scraper Blade

For removing tough old lacquers, remainders of adhesives, carpeting, tile adhesives and underseal coatings.

Cutting blade

For cutting away panelled deck sealant materials quickly and safely. Also ideal for difficult areas such as cabins, rails, gunwales, cleats, and curves.
3mm, 4mm, 5mm

Diamond-coated segment saw blade

Cutting width approx. 2,2 mm.

Segment blade, convex

For cutting rigid materials, e.g. floor tiles made of plastic, linoleum, rubber, cardboard, leather, wire meshing, looped fabric/carpets, and many others.

Segment blade, concave

For cutting soft materials e.g. felt, leather, polystyrene.

Set of felt polishing pads

Burnishing compounds for the respective material are available from specialist retailers.