Modern vehicles have tighter tolerances between the glass and the body. This can pose a problem when trying to remove glass with conventional wire tools, leading to damage of the pinchweld or glass itself. We've solved this problem with our revolutionary Python™ System which uses a unique, directional suspension reel. This reel allows the technician to wire-out todays auto glassafely and effectively. With just the movement of a curved stainless steel slide handle, the specially designed wire will cut throughhe toughest urethane with no resistance. Can also be used with cut-out line, fiber, or cord. Setup time takes just a few minutes;ust insert the cut-out wire (line,fiber or cord) onto the outside of the vehicle beneath the moulding, place the Python™ Suctionup Assembly on the inside of the glass and you will begin one of the easiest wire removals you have ever done. This professional quality tool is designed to offer years of maintenance free service. Kit Includes: 1-Python™ Cup Assembly, 1-Slither™ Corner Cutting Assistant, 1-Venom™ Wire Dispensing Unit, 1-T-Handle Centerstart™, 1-Installation Stick, 1-Dash Protector, 1-Wire Pulling Pliers/Cutte Combo, 5-Guide Pins, 4 rolls of Squire wire (A total of 656 feet) and an instructional DVD. All packaged in a heavy-duty plastic, foam lined case.

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