Essential Tool for the Collision Repair Industry

We have released the SpringerTool Clip Remover

The SpringerTool is a patented Multi-purpose removal tool designed to remove automotive components retained by plastic clips, metal clips, integrated clips, adhesive and double-sided tape.

The SpringerTool has a soft grip handle and its precision curvature provides variable load distribution, safely moving load point along tool as more leverage is applied. The tapered tip of the SpringerTool allows entry under closely fitted parts and the radius edges avoid damage to the trim or vehicle.

The advanced design SpringerTool offers hundreds of removal applications for every vehicle and for delicate materials such as door trims, bonnet & boot linings, dash panels, trim panels, scuttle clips, radiator shrouding, wire looms, mouldings and badges etc. For heavy duty applications it is extremely strong and consequently can also be used for the removal and/or, levering of bolts, nuts, brackets, panels and other mechanical fittings.

Technicians love the extended U-Section fork design, which provides additional reach compared to other clip removal tools on the market.

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